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photo series

Journey of the hatchlings: 

The approach of dawn on the northern coast of Trinidad marks the end of the safety period for hatchlings to make their way across the sand. As the darkness fades, so do their chances of survival: predators such as vultures and dogs scour the coastline in search of these helpless baby turtles. Yet even once they get into the sea, they are not free from danger as there are a whole new range of predators to be wary of, from large fish to sea birds. In the face of all this peril, only about one per cent of leatherback hatchlings survive to adulthood. The species is listed as "Vulnerable" on the IUCN Redlist. 

In this photo series I attempted to document the first stage of the sea turtles' long journey, from their first breath of air to their first taste of the ocean.

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