videos & documentaries

The Race for Life

1 min 30s

A 1 minute "documentary" on leatherback turtles in Trinidad & Tobago. From the day they are born, leatherback hatchlings face a number of life threatening challenges. This video highlights one of them.

Tightening the Reins on the Calèche Industry: A Short Documentary

12 mins 40s

A short documentary looking into the controversial calèche industry in Montreal.

Trailer: Tightening the Reigns on the Calèche Industry

2 mins

A trailer for my upcoming documentary, which investigates the caleche industry in Montreal

1 min 54s

Thousands gathered in downtown Montreal today as a wave of protests swept across the city.

1 min 30s

Video report about a growing sport in Montreal

1 min 29s

We’ve seen many different charity based initiatives, from food drives to walk-a-thons. Today, a soccer tournament was hosted to help raise money for underprivileged children.

Barbershop interview (Audio slideshow)

2 mins 27s

Interview with Bevin Felix of Barbier MTL, a barber shop in NDG, Montreal. Format: Audio slideshow.

1 min 49s

In 2014 the Coderre administration attempted to extend the closing hours of bars, but things didn’t exactly workout. 3 years later, they are promising to do so if they win the current provincial elections. Kaaria Quash heads to downtown Montreal to see how this will affect bars employees and customers.

1 min 43s

The intermittent weather in Montreal of late has affected many people, such as those in agriculture.

The Ugly Coin

2 mins 54 secs

A creative piece without dialogue about the journey of a coin through everyday life

1 min 44s

A grocery store with an interesting new concept: eliminating waste

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